About me

I am an well known student in my college, Well known ! not in the terms of disciplined & Obedient student but in the terms of a student who got rejected in a campus placements for 20 times, a student who got failed in every Semester exams, a student who cant speak English. Finally dared to start a blog named as “the3questions” of my life.

1)WHY did i start writing blogs ?

To be frank with you all, i don’t have job and was getting bored in my home. That is the reason i started writing blog.

2)WHAT i am going to write in a blog ?

Not yet decided.

3)WHEN did i decide to write blog ?

Yesterday when i was driving back to home, i got a call from an esteemed company. The other side of the phone was an human resource head asking are you interested in doing job with us. For few seconds that was my happiest movement of the day, but after speaking with me she got to know that i was the person who already got rejected in the interview held in the campus. And i remember the last words of the madam, “I will call you if your profile got shortlisted”.Then i decided to write blogs for few year until i get a call from her.



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